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The Bobby Bear® sculpture, introduced in 2017,

instantly became a classic design item in many homes,

both here in Spain where it is made and also abroad.
















599 €. XL

349 €. L

199 €. M

129 €. S

Lucky Bobby


Our NEW Mini Bobby.

Available in:





In gift box with window


39 €

Lucky Bobby Hanging Mobile


This hanging mobile has been created to bring luck and happiness. Its relaxing and mesmerizing to watch.

It is made out of 5 mini Bobby, in degrading colors, each mobile is unique, you will be sure there are not two alike.

Handmade with delicacy and soul.

229 €

The Bobby Bear® - made to make you Happy!


Remember your childhood?, when that adorable stuffed bear was your best friend. You carried him around with you whenever possible, you shared all your happy moments with him and he comforted you when you were sad. And surely you would never go to bed without having him by your side. Whispering your secrets to him before sleeping.


Kids grow up, we all grow up, but we must never forget the child inside. Your Teddy from back then might be gone by now or is in a box in your attic. But we are quite sure that if you see him again, he will bring a big smile back on your face.


We made The Bobby Bear® sculpture for you. Make him brighten up your home or your office, make it a gift for yourself

or the ones you love. It is made with 100% green energy & biodegradable material, to preserve our planet.

All you need to do is name him - making him your own Magical Bobby Bear®.


The Bobby Bear® is made by a 3D printer, using PLA-filament, an eco-friendly printer material made from renewable resources (normally corn-starch), respecting the environment. The Bobby Bear® sculptures are made from start to finish in the Artenovum workshops in Southern Spain. In the whole process - the electricity used, is 100% certified Green Energy.

The Bobby Bear® sculpture comes in 3 sizes. Mini Bobby - 16 cm, Bobby - 22 cm,

Big Bobby - 31 cm high and Mega Bobby - 41 cm high. A wide range of colors available also wood.


We also have special editions for Weddings, special Birthdays, Confirmations and other events, where a special gift is needed.

Please contact us for more information, and how to acquire your Bobby Bear® by sending an e-mail to: artenovum@artenovum.com


The production is limited, as all the steps involved to make The Bobby Bear®, involves us personally.

And we enjoy making them, and we are sure you will enjoy having your own special Bobby Bear® sculpture.









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The Bobby Bear® - made to make you Happy!


Hecho para hacerte feliz! - The Bobby Bear®