Welcome to Donnas del Mundo, an amazing new art project from

Ose del Sol & Mugge Fischer, Grupo Artenovum.


Donnas del Mundo is not only a unique, exclusive and limited edition of reproductions printed on

canvas of the original hand painted Donnas, numbered and signed by the artist Ose del Sol, but as

well an exclusive line of Donnas.  It is a concept of style and the taste for life.


The Donnas del Mundo is an ongoing journey into the beauty of art, each Donna with a special

touch reflecting the different cultures and mixtures inspired by the multitude of beauty that exists

and which we are so fortunate to enjoy every day.  As an artist you do not necessarily have to go to

the other side of the world to be inspired. Sometimes the best inspiration is close by. The whole

idea for this collection has its out spring in the women, our female friends all with an intense,

unique and strong personality, which we have been so fortunate to meet and know in the

cosmopolitan area of Marbella, Southern Spain.


We would like to thank all the women who have given us the inspiration to carry out this project.

It is a tribute to all the women of the world







Donnas del Mundo The limited and exclusive edition of real sized Donnas, signed and numbered is available from Grupo Artenovum. Please contact us for information about where the Donnas del Mundo are available. Start your collection today! Information Each Donna will be printed and reproduced on high quality canvas ( 73 cm. x 100 cm.),of 100 % cotton, matt varnish. The inks are pigmented to last for more than a hundred years and the canvas is specially treated for printing. There will be a limited number of 50 reproductions of each Donna. Each reproduction is numbered and signed by the artist Ose de Sol, and is packed in a hardback roll, easy to ship and handle. Each roll carries the story of the selected Donna and suggestions on how to assemble and frame it. There are endless possibilities.
Donnas del Mundo Exclusives Donnas Donnas Exclusivas is a special line of personal portraits aimed at the women of the world, who would like to have their own and very special portrait made in the “Donnas del Mundo” style. Throughout centuries Noblemen,Businessmen, Ladies, Lords, Kings and Queens amongst others, have had their portraits painted - to be hung on the walls of their homes, and admired by spectators. The art has been our “golden well” of information about times gone by, about clothing, styles, distinctive facial features, fashion etc.. The luxury of having your portrait painted is also a way to be part of the future history, to be immortalized.

Ose del Sol


Every time I stand in front of an empty canvas, and is about to paint another Donna, I prepare myself to the-emotional feeling of creating yet another new work of art in accordance with the following:


The style is based on the Donna Lisa Gherardini by Da Vinci, using pictorial styles employed through history: Renaissance, Mannerism, the School of Flamenco, Baroque, Rococo,

Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Realism,Impressionism, Surrealism, etc.


My objective of the paintings is to embody these Donnas in a particular place (cities or situations) and time. In order to unite and demonstrate the collection as a whole, the focus of

every painting is put on the eyes, giving less focus to the rest of the painting, which is blurred and diffused using the “sfumato” style.


The concept of these paintings is the representation of the magic of the Donnas del Mundo, all special, enigmatic and unique women.


Mugge and I wish to thank all the people who have written the beautiful stories about the Donnas.

We are eternally grateful. In our universe; you are the Godmothers and Godfathers of the Donnas del Mundo.



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