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                                                                                                 354 mm.

                                                                                         The Design Classic for Tomorrow.

                                                                                         The ArtVases are made by a 3D printer, using PLA-filement, an
                                                                                         eco-friendly printer material made from renewable resources
                                                                                         (normally corn-starch), respecting the environment.
                                                                                         Finished with different techniques, interior covered with resin.
                                                                                         The ArtVase® are made from start to finish in the Artenovum
                                                                                         workshops in Southern Spain. In the whole process - the electricity
                                                                                         used, is 100% certified Green Energy.
                                                                                         A wide range of colors and designs are available.
                                                                                         You can get  your ArtVase®  sending an e-mail to:
                                                                                Limited production.
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